Stone Hill Park statement regarding Manston DCO application

Stone Hill Park (“SHP”) continues to defend its rights as landowner against RSP’s DCO application with focus and vigour.

SHP fully responded to the DCO Examination process on the 15th of February 2019 by providing an expanded suite of documentation and evidence that supports its position.

SHP has commissioned additional planning work from Quod and updated aviation advice from York Aviation and Altitude Aviation Advisory. This work complements their previous work and the submissions made by our lawyers and combines to provide an extensive suite of written representations.

As previously, in the interest of transparency, SHP has published the updated aviation reports in the DCO section of this website. The reports reach very clear, fully evidenced conclusions and set RSP’s proposals in the proper context of the UK and global aviation markets. All parties who have an interest in the future of the land at Manston are encouraged to read them to understand the relevant facts.

Trevor Cartner, Director and Chairman of SHP said: “I have previously stated I have full confidence in this country’s laws and the processes that support them. That continues to be the case. I believe that the Examining Authority has properly prepared for the DCO Examination and will continue to be professional and diligent throughout the process.

“It is clear from the first 178 pages of questions directed towards RSP’s proposals that a forensic approach to the assessment and identification of evidence is being pursued and that RSP will be forced to provide the evidence for their proposals that has long been lacking.

“We understand and share the frustration that there are no easy or quick answers and have full regard to the amount of public time and expense that has been devoted to the question of Manston. However, given the quasi-legal nature of the DCO process we cannot now be selective on which elements of the process we choose to engage with.

“We remain confident that the evidence will be fully heard and properly considered, and that the Examining Authority’s conclusion will be based on fact.”