Stone Hill Park response to RSP cargo hub consultation

Stone Hill Park, the owners of the former Manston Airport site, have called on RiverOak Strategic Partners to come clean on plans to seize their land and build a 24/7 cargo hub.

A letter prepared by Stone Hill Park’s planning consultants GVA, offers a compelling critique of documents and evidence put before the public by RSP during six weeks of statutory consultation, which ended on Sunday (23/7).

This submission, backed up with evidence from planning and aviation experts, follows on from a series of public events organised by RSP that gave people in Ramsgate – living directly under the flight path – just four hours to have their say.

In stating its objections, Stone Hill Park highlights a real lack of information on a whole range of key areas - from the impact of noise and pollution on thousands of homes in Thanet and the wider area to a lack of detail on where the £300m+ of required investment suggested by RSP would come from.

The letter accuses RSP of failing to demonstrate its proposals are deliverable, with a business case put before the public that is ‘fundamentally flawed and not credible.’

Ray Mallon, spokesman for Stone Hill Park, said:

“Our submission to RiverOak Strategic Partnership has been carefully and thoroughly put together by GVA, one of the most reputable planning companies in the world.

“The letter and accompanying evidence takes away the emotion that is all too evident with the issue, which RSP have often preyed on, and instead line by line provides the facts and arguments as to why their cargo airport plan is ultimately doomed to fail.

“We hope that RSP will take the comments on board in their consultation and are able to provide the answers that concern not only us as owners of the site, but the people of Ramsgate and the wider area, who would be affected by what they propose.”

Stone Hill Park continues to advance its own mixed-use proposals for the former Manston Airport site including up to 2,500 high quality homes and a high-tech manufacturing business park providing 2,000 plus direct jobs.

Read our full response to RiverOak Strategic Partners’ consultation.