Stone Hill Park responds to latest US investor to seek CPO

Stone Hill Park remains focused on delivering ambitious but viable proposals that will deliver the investment, jobs and prosperity that Thanet needs.

This week it was revealed a US based company had ‘set its sights’ on acquiring Manston for a cargo-hub style aviation operation.

Ray Mallon, spokesman for Stone Hill Park, said:

“I am aware that interest has been shown by another company with a view to progressing a second compulsory purchase order (CPO) to seize land owned by Stone Hill Park.

“Clearly this would have to occur in conjunction with Thanet District Council and I doubt very much that the council would want to advance such a proposal when the greatest need of the area is private sector investment that ensures the long-term future of Thanet as a whole.

“Stone Hill Park will continue with its plans and I’m absolutely confident that this new company’s proposal will end up going nowhere just like the previous attempt by the US outfit RiverOak.

“However, the prerequisite to any CPO is for the company to engage Stone Hill Park so that they can attempt to purchase the land. We therefore look forward to meeting them in the near future, but our position is clear - We will not be selling and will not be walking away for anyone in any circumstances.

“We remain committed to making this site work; to building 2,500 houses, all the community facilities to make this development something special and an advanced manufacturing park that will bring at least 2,000 jobs.”