Stone Hill Park almost ready to submit revised planning application

Over recent weeks Stone Hill Park has been holding a series of public engagements to give community groups, elected representatives and others a further chance to have their say on our plans for the former Manston Airport site.

It’s also given the project team the opportunity to bring people up to date on what is being proposed and the progress being made with enhanced proposals, first unveiled in November 2017.

The feedback from this period of consultation will help Stone Hill Park to progress enhanced proposals that will form the basis of a new planning application that will shortly be submitted to Thanet District Council.

The following information gives an overview of the information that we have shared during this stage of our consultation with Thanet.

Why Stone Hill Park is the right option?

  • Fully aligned with Government priorities to boost housing supply
  • Sustainable development (confirmed by Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal)
  • Protects 500+ acres of greenfield land from being developed
  • No credible alternatives

The detail…

Much needed homes for all stages of life

  • 3,700 homes with all the facilities to support it, including schools, nurseries, GP surgery, community hall, children’s playgrounds and sports facilities.
  • Homes to buy, to rent (including affordable) and shared ownership.
  • A genuine lifetime community: starter homes, family homes and retirement homes.
  • Expressions of interest from numerous housebuilders.

Jobs and training opportunities

  • 46,000 sq metres of employment floorspace
  • Advanced/hi-tech manufacturing park, to complement Manston Business Park
  • Permanent and temporary construction stage jobs
  • Training opportunities including apprenticeships
  • Estimate 1,500-2,000 permanent jobs

Aviation Heritage attractions

  • A heritage airport comprising the re-use of the western part of the runway (1,199m) for heritage flights (vintage and classic aircraft)
  • Associated airport facilities (including aircraft hangars)
  • New museums relocated to a new location next to the runway and associated facilities including a cafè
  • Former airport buildings retained and converted to community uses -Remainder of the runway repurposed as a recreation facility

The East Kent Sports Village

  • Kent’s only 50 metre swimming pool
  • The South East’s only inland surf lake
  • Outdoor sports pitches
  • Hotel (120 beds)
  • Expressions of interest have been received from potential operators

A New Country Park

  • Acres of publicly accessible open space with parks, sports pitches and trim-trails
  • New woodland, grasslands and meadows
  • Allotments
  • New habitat creation to support biodiversity
  • Part of the former runway transformed into a unique recreational space