RSP report reveals true extent of night flights

Stone Hill Park (SHP) remains confident that attempts by RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) to acquire their site at Manston by Development Consent Order (DCO) will fail, just as previous attempts to acquire the land have failed.

This is because the SHP plans are in the public interest and will deliver jobs, homes and an economic boost to the local economy without destroying the character of Thanet.

The forecast of freight and passenger numbers by RSP’s own consultant, Dr Sally Dixon, equates to 85 flights over Thanet every night/day of the year by 2040.*

Commenting on the release of documents by RSP, which outline the scale of their planned destruction of life in Thanet, SHP spokesman Ray Mallon said: “What this report does, in devastating terms, is expose the claims that RSP’s plans would not require night flights.

“This blows a hole in the assurances given by Sir Roger Gale and others that there would be no need for any flights during anti-social hours.”

“It would devastate the quality of life for local residents in terms of noise and air pollution. I also note that the matter of HGV movements, which would be generated by a busy cargo airport, hasn’t even been mentioned by RSP – their silence speaks volumes.”

Noticeably, the report fails to address the key questions of where the £320m required would come from and who the people are behind the Belize-registered MIO Investments that owns 90% of RiverOak Strategic Partners.

Mr Mallon added:

“The public will recall that the US-based RiverOak Investment Corporation made similar promises with regards to a DCO as those now being made by RSP, amid similar claims of job creation. They then ditched the project in December 2016 and walked away.

“Other consultants have produced forecasts that make clear an airport is not viable and that is also the real world experience of operators on this site.

“RSP rely on speculation and conjecture to arrive at these figures, the people behind SHP rely on a proven track record of turning round failing sites and delivering real homes and real jobs.

“We own the land and have the funding to start work immediately. Our plans will deliver 2,500 homes and over 2,000 on-site, quality, advanced manufacturing jobs with many more in supply chain, service and allied industries. Crucially, our plans respect and preserve both the heritage of the site and the character of East Kent.

“We have held full public consultation on our plans, acted on the feedback and submitted them to the local council for inspection. We remain on track and expect the planning application to be considered in September 2017.”

*RSP report figures: 1.4m passengers plus 17,000 freight flights per year by 2040.

UK average of 101 passengers per plane = 13,861 flights per year. Plus 17,000 freight flights = 30,861 flights. This equates to 85 flights every 24hours.