Resignation call as planning chair seeks advice on ‘combatting’ SHP plans

Stone Hill Park has today called on two members of Thanet District Council’s Planning Committee to resign over comments made at a recent meeting of the Save Manston Airport Association.

A video of the meeting, held on Sunday (23 Oct) and attended by local MP Sir Roger Gale and RiverOak Managing Director Tony Freudmann, was posted online.

In it Cllr Peter Evans, Chairman of Thanet’s Planning Committee, makes clear he is in favour of the site remaining as an airport and asks for advice on how to ‘combat’ Stone Hill Park’s development plans.

Another member of the planning committee, Cllr John Buckley, then states that he is a ‘wholehearted supporter of Manston Airport’.

In light of the comments, Stone Hill Park lawyers will be writing to the Council calling for Cllr Evans and Cllr Buckley to be removed from the planning committee.

SHP spokesman Ray Mallon said:

“Members of the planning committee, and in particular the Chair, must view planning applications with an open mind.

“By their comments at the recent meeting of SMAA they have clearly shown pre-determination of our planning application. As a result they should resign or be removed.”

SHP have submitted plans to Thanet District Council for mixed-use development of the Manston airfield site creating much needed homes and jobs with new areas of open space as well as significant community and leisure facilities.

A development that will bring a multi-million pound boost to the local economy and hard pressed local councils. The application is due to be considered by Thanet District Council next year.