Advanced manufacturing at Manston is key to Thanet success

An independent report, commissioned by Thanet District Council and undertaken by respected economic development consultants SQW/BBP, has praised the achievements at Discovery Park where businesses are, in their words, ‘thriving’.

The Economic Growth Strategy for Thanet document goes on to say that a key element of Thanet District Council’s efforts to create more employment, particularly in growth industries, should be to create an advanced manufacturing park at Manston that works ‘collaboratively with Discovery Park.’

This is just what we have been advocating for the past two years. For the full report visit the TDC website

Nowhere in the report does it recommend that airport uses should be explored. Indeed it states that ‘ongoing uncertainty surrounding the future of the former Manston airport site is a weakness and threat’ for the economy of Thanet.

Surely this is further evidence that those who continue to peddle the myth that somehow the reopening of an airport at Manston is the future of Thanet are backing the wrong horse.

If Thanet District Council grants planning permission for our proposals, an advanced manufacturing park could be under construction by the middle of next year; creating high quality, skilled and well-paid employment opportunities for current and future generations.